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Jodian Lacresha Stewart

Camperdown High School, Kingston, Jamaica

Jodian Lacresha Stewart

Jodian Lacresha Stewart, RN, BSCN
Registered Nurse, Camperdown High School, Kingston, Jamaica

I am a 30-year-old, I was delivered on the 8th of October at the Black River Hospital in the parish of St. Elizabeth. I obtained my primary education at Glen Stuart Primary school then passed my GSAT for Hampton School for Girls in Marlven, St. Elizabeth where I completed my secondary Education. After much consideration in 2007 I started my nursing career at the University of the West Indies in Kingston Jamaica. In 2011 after much hard work and perseverance I graduated on the 5th of November with my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing with upper second class Honors.

I have worked as a Registered Nurse at the Black River Hospital, The Mandeville Regional Hospital providing nursing care at different levels of the health spectrum to patients. I'm presently employed at the Camperdown High School where I provide nursing care to the School population including staff.