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Md. Gausul Azam Ranju

Department of Physiotherapy, Ibrahim Iqbal Memorial Hospital, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Md. Gausul Azam Ranju

Md. Gausul Azam Ranju, BPT, PGD, MPH
Consultant Physiotherapist, Ibrahim Iqbal Memorial Hospital LTD. (An Affiliated Hospital to BGC Trust Medical Collage), Chittagong, Bangladesh

Dr. Md. Gausul Azam Ranju (PT) was born in Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh. He is a Physiotherapy Consultant and head of the department (HOD) of the physiotherapy unit in Ibrahim Iqbal Memorial Hospital, Chittagong. He has been specifically working in the area of stroke and physiotherapy relating to the public health and sex. He is also a member of Bangladesh Stroke Association (BSA), which is the only member organization of World Stroke Organization (WSO) in Bangladesh.


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