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Mohamed Sylla

Bamako, Mali

Mohamed Sylla

Mohamed Sylla, Certificate on Global Public Health
Global Public Health Student online, Bamako, Mali

I was born on 25th of April 1991 and obtained Certificate on Global Public Health from Sustainable Development Goals Academy. Attested on Management in Health, Basic on Health Economics, Health Outcomes and Poor from E-learning of World Bank. Global Health Program from USAID E-learning: Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation on HIV/AIDS, Geographic Approaches Global Health, Youth Sexual Reproductive Health and Improve Health Care Quality. Ambassador of Milky Way Youth Movement Mali for sensitizing people in health insurance, hygiene, and sanitation.

Student following post-graduate diploma on global health procurement and supply chain management online at Empower School of Health.

During my studies, I developed an excellent eye for detail and have a significant experience in Management, Teaching, Social Impact and Leadership. I undertook a project managing as part of my studies, so I am comfortable working as part of a team and am confident in my interpersonal and communication abilities. I have received a feedback from fellow team member that helps to affirm this.