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Mohamed Yahya Abdelrahman

Concern Worldwide, West Darfur, Sudan

Mohamed Yahya Abdelrahman

Mohamed Yahya Abdelrahman, Nurse Diploma
National Health Advisor, Concern Worldwide, West Darfur, Sudan

I was born on 1st January 1973. I obtained my Diploma in nursing at the Nursing school in Gadaref state in 2003. I worked with MSF-H as a nutrition assistant in the nutrition feeding programme. I also worked as a nurse to care for patients in the inpatient care wards for both children and adult.

In 2005 I was transferred to South Darfur when the conflict of Darfur started. I was promoted to primary health care supervisor, responsible for running of the clinic with 100 staff with seven departments under one clinic supervision.

In 2012 I was transferred to West Darfur with the Merlin organization where I was responsible for 10 clinics in three localities. I was the supervisor for these clinics and provided quality PHC services for 2 years.

In 2014 I joined Concern Worldwide in the position of national health advisor in West Darfur.