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Pablo Andrés Rodríguez Camargo

Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Bogotá, Colombia

Pablo Andrés Rodríguez Camargo

Pablo Andrés Rodríguez Camargo, MD, MSc
Specialized Professional, Population and Development Group, Ministry of Health of Colombia

I am a person who is passionate about the study of human sexuality. I work for the Ministry of Health of Colombia, supporting the formulation of public policies that impact the effective exercise of sexual and reproductive rights. Previously I worked on specific projects for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion.

Dedicating my life to the promotion of sexual and reproductive health has been the best decision I have ever taken in my life, since it has allowed me to complement my medical training with humanistic elements that help me to better understand the complexity involved in reaching the maximum degree of well-being and all the determinants that exist around health. For me this has become a passion and I have been able to find my true vocation to put at the service of others my medical practice from the different scenarios in which I find myself.

I perform specific teaching activity in the area of human sexuality at the postgraduate level, and I am convinced that education in this subject and the empowerment of people and health professionals is a powerful tool to transform our society.

For my country it is a great need to expand research on sexual and reproductive health to find answers and design the best strategies to help people achieve the highest degree of wellness possible related to sexuality and reproduction for all Colombians in the different contexts that the country have, this is the main reason why I want to take this training course.