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Paolo C. Colet

Nazarbayev University, School of Medicine, Astana, Kazakhstan

Paolo C. Colet

Paolo C. Colet, PhD, MAN, RN, RM
Assistant Professor, Nazarbayev University, School of Medicine, Astana, Kazakhstan

Paolo earned his undergraduate and post graduate education in the Philippines. He is a registered nurse-midwife in the Philippines and as a registered nurse in the US. After his undergraduate nursing studies, Paolo trained at La Union Maternity and Children’s Hospital and in Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center. In late 2009 to 2013, he worked as a clinical instructor at Union Christian College. Then after, he was employed at a government university in Saudi Arabia as a lecturer in nursing for more than three years. By 2017, he transferred to Kazakhstan as an assistant professor of nursing in a government university. His experience in local and international setting had influenced his interest in research. To date, he plans to further his study on maternal and child care in developing countries.

Selected publications

  • Colet, P. C., Cruz, J. P., Cruz, C. P., Al-otaibi, J., Qubeilat, H., & Alquwez, N. (2015). Patient safety competence of nursing students in Saudi Arabia: a self-reported survey. International journal of health sciences, 9(4), 418.
  • Colet, P. C., Cruz, J. P., Alotaibi, K. A., Colet, M. K. A., & Islam, S. M. S. (2016). Compliance with standard precautions among baccalaureate nursing students in a Saudi university: A self-report study. Journal of Infection and Public Health.
  • Cruz, J. P., Colet, P. C., Bashtawi, M. A., Mesde, J. H., & Cruz, C. P. (2016). Psychometric evaluation of the Cultural Capacity Scale Arabic version for nursing students. Contemporary nurse, 1-10.