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Pua Librana

Indonesian Social Obstetrics and Gynecology Society, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Pua Librana

Pua Librana, MD, OBGYN (Social OBGYN)
Treasurer, Indonesian Social Obstetrics and Gynecology Society – Malang Chapter
Mentor, EMAS (Expanding maternal and neonatal survival)
Senior Consultant, Panti Nirmala Hospital Malang
Senior Consultant, Mardi Waluyo Hospital Malang

I was born in Malang 52 years ago and being a doctor is always my dream. I entered medical school in Brawijaya University, as well as my OBGYN training and social OBGYN consultant training. I found OBGYN is distressing, yet rewarding. During my spare time, which is very rarely, I love to cook and travel. I speak Indonesian and English, as well I could speak Javanese as local language here.

My current concerns is how to decrease maternal death in Malang area. Since 2015 I am one of the mentor of Ministry of Health program ‘EMAS’ – expanding maternal and neonatal survival. Through this course, I hope I could meet new and wonderful colleagues accross the globe to enhance my network. People may think that I am too old to learn, but I am very eager to learn a lot. I would make this opportunity at my best.