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Rodolfo Gomez Ponce de Leon

Latin American Perinatal, Women and Reproductive Health Center (CLAP/WRH), Montevideo, Uruguay

Rodolfo Gomez Ponce de Leon

Rodolfo Gomez Ponce de Leon, MD, ObGyn, MSPH, PhD
Regional Reproductive Health Advisor CLAP/WRH at PAHO/WHO

I am an Obstetrician and Gynecologist from Argentina, born on June 5th of 1964 in San Miguel de Tucuman. I did my PhD at the National University of Tucuman (Argentina) and my Master in Science of Public Health at University of North Carolina (USA).

I worked in the last 25 years in women health-related services delivery, as an expert in sexual and reproductive health, perinatal medicine, coordinating delivery room, obstetrics, and family planning as a provider. Now in the public health arena I am working on the same issues using a new background knowledge and expertise. As part of my duties in IPAS (an international NGO), I had developed a clinical record and tool for health care professionals that will help create a database to analyze and monitor abortion-related care: SIP -Abortion, translated to 4 languages and now applied in many countries of the LAC region as part of the official PAHO Perinatal Health Tools. That can be used for Abortion or Post abortion care, depending on the nature of the legislation, helping Ministries of Health and Health systems to monitor and evaluate abortion related quality of care and complications. I was selected for a position in PAHO Brazil office after a selection process, and I worked as a Coordinator of the Technical Unit: Women's health, Men's health, Gender and Cultural Diversity working with National Health System and States with partners. Developing Managerial experience in mother, child, reproductive health, family planning, administration responsibilities national first and progressively internationally responsibilities. I did arrive to CLAP WRH 2 years ago, after a global selection process, as a Regional Reproductive Health Advisor. Previously as a Senior Health System Advisor at IPAS I worked in Latin-American Countries evaluating, implementing, and designing reproductive health programs.

I speak 3 languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

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