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Zephirin Cikuru Muzuri

International Medical Corps, Juba, South Sudan

Zephirin Cikuru Muzuri

Zephirin Cikuru Muzuri, MD
Surgeon, International Medical Corps, Juba, South Sudan

I was born in January 20, 1978. I did biological medical sciences at the Catholic University of Bukavu (DR Congo), I obtained my diploma of medicine, surgery, and obstetrics at the university of Ngozi in Burundi. I did a training of surgery in the Military hospital of Kamenge in Burundi.

Worked at Nyanza-lac district hospital in the Emergency obstetrics and gynecologic surgery department.

I joined MSF Belgium and worked as emergency doctor in the Centre of emergency obstetrics and gynecology of Kabezi (CURGO- Kabezi).

I worked in the state hospital of Makamba as head of surgical and maternity departments.

In February 2014, I joined the international Medical Corps in South Sudan and worked respectively as emergency medical doctor, medical coordinator then Roving surgeon in the emergency response to the internal displaced, refugees and host communities during the South Sudan crisis up to now.

My main task is to lead a comprehensive emergency response in health care (reproductive health care, OPD, IPD, surgery (war surgery, trauma surgery, cesarean section, fistula surgery and general surgery) in the clinics and outreach activities in the community), nutrition (OTP for MAM, IYCF, PLW, stabilization center for SAM with medical complication) and clinical management of rep (CMR).

I provide training to staff for capacity building in emergency preparedness and response in the health sector above mentioned.