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GFMER Country Coordinators

Atziri Ramírez-Negrin

GFMER Coordinator for Mexico

Atziri Ramírez-Negrin
Dr. Atziri Ramírez-Negrin
First-year Resident of Urogynecology, Instituto Nacional de Perinatologia (National Institute of Perinatology), Mexico
Local Coordinator of Post-Partum Haemorrhage Courses in Mexico
President and Founder, Association “Cambiar Realidades” Tlanchinol, Hidalgo
Email: atziriok@yahoo.com

I have always been interested in improving women´s health through several activities. I had the opportunity to study in one of Mexico´s biggest and most important hospitals in Perinatal Medicine: The National Institute of Perinatology. Where I learnt that through Gynecology and Obstetrics you involve yourself in a practice where a women`s life and her baby`s as well is in your hands. Therefore, I feel there is always room for improvement; and it is our duty to take this responsibility and develop new strategies. GFMER does a wonderful job in providing tools that will enable us, healthcare providers, to progress in the attention we give to women and their offspring. That is why I love to be a part of GMER! It helps me reach to other providers and get them involved with women`s healthcare in regards of sexual and reproductive medicine. We shall never forget that: if the children are the future, then the future relies on our ability to endure forthcoming generations.

In order to improve health in my country I have been enforcing the PPH and Preeclampsia courses on line and even developed a workshop based on the PPH course. If you would like to know more please click on the next link: https://www.gfmer.ch/omphi/pph/Eclampsia-PPH-Mexico-2015.htm

GFMER past activities in Mexico