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GFMER Country Coordinators

Bouchra Assarag

GFMER Coordinator for Morocco

Bouchra Assarag

Bouchra Assarag, MD, MPH, PhD/Public Health Science
Directrice adjointe chargée des études, National School of Public Health, Ministry of Health Morocco
President of NGO Together for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (EDSSR), Morocco

Dr. Bouchra Assarag is a physician with a PhD in public health from the ULB. She is expert on maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health. She is the deputy director in charge of studies at the ENSP. She was the coordinator of the GPS sector 2016-2018 and of the MFETP-ESP sector 2018-June 2021. She is an expert on sexual and reproductive health rights and active member of national and international civil associations in the field of SRHR. She is president of the association Together for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (EDSSR). She has participated and coordinated several national and international studies in the field of SRHR. As a member of the teaching staff of the ENSP, she coordinated several courses in sexual and reproductive health as well as in project management and the monitoring and evaluation of public health strategies. She is the Moroccan coordinator of the sexual and reproductive health network of North and West Africa and president of the Francophone editorial committee of the Francophone Africa HUB of the journal SRHM. In collaboration with the SRH programs at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, she participated in the development of several guides, and she is the coordinator of the training module for SSSP providers on SRH and migrant women and contributed to development of a training kit for healthcare providers on combating violence against women and children. Her research interests are themes relating to SRHR and access to quality and respectful obstetric care for mothers and newborns.

Dr. Bouchra Assarag is author, co-author and member of editorial boards in several international journals focusing on public health and the field of sexual and reproductive health. Here are some articles she published during the last two years:

  • Bezad R, Omrani SE, Benbella A, Assarag B. Access to infertility care services towards Universal Health Coverage is a right and not an option. BMC Health Serv Res. 2022 Aug 25;22(1):1089. doi: 10.1186/s12913-022-08456-7. PMID: 36008812; PMCID: PMC9414098.
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  • Chrifi H, Assarag B, Bouddalaa I, Bititi AA. Caesarean section rates at the hospital maternity: a case study in Morocco using the Robson classification system. Int J Adv Res. 2022 10(05):497-506. doi:10.21474/IJAR01/14732.
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