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Module 2: Assess and prioritize - how to gather data on child and adolescent health through needs assessment and use the data to prioritize actions

Training course in child and adolescent health in humanitarian settings 2024

February 5, 2024 - Geneva


A. Required reading

  1. Watch the video presentation titled: Module 2: Assess and prioritize. Alternatively go over the slide set (slide set with talking points).
  2. Revise chapter two of the operational guide (pages 31-40) Child and adolescent health in humanitarian settings: operational guide: a holistic approach for programme managers (interactive version).
  3. Go over the Lancet article titled: Delivering health interventions to women, children, and adolescents in conflict settings: what have we learned from ten country case studies? (Singh NS, et al., 2021).
  4. Expert commentary - Dr Ferima Coulibaly-Zerbo, Programme Management Team Lead, WHO Country Office, Yemen: Watch the video presentation.

B. Assignment

  • Complete and submit your answers to the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for the module. You will receive the link to the MCQs by email.
  • Complete and submit the short paperwork assignment.

Additional suggested reading

Reference document