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From Research to Practice

Training in Reproductive Health Research

Geneva 2006

20 February 2006 - 29 March 2006

organised by

the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research
(WHO Collaborating Centre in Education and Research in Human Reproduction),
the International Association for Maternal and Neonatal Health (IAMANEH)
the UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank Special Programme for Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction, Department of Reproductive Health and Research; Family and Community Health Cluster (WHO/RHR)

in collaboration with

the Department of Health of the Canton of Geneva,
the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva
the Geneva Medical Association


Common course: Research methodology

The opening ceremony on 20 February will be held in Salle D Lectures will be held in room M505 (21 February - 10 March)

Date AM Topic Speaker PM Topic Speaker
February 20 09:00 Organisational matters Organisers; venue: GFMER 14:00 Opening ceremony J Villar,
P v Look,
A Campana,
J Martin,
W Pasini,
V Fauveau,
B Bourrit,
R Kulier,
A Martin- Hilber,
C-H Rochat,
F Baumann
ca. 15.30 Welcome cocktail WHO/ Restaurant
February 21 09:00 Introduction to the course Team 14:00 Visit of the WHO library  
10:00 Health as a priority in the Millennium Development Goals and the way towards the MDGs J Martin      
February 22 09:00 Epidemiologic studies M Merialdi 14:00 Visit of the CMU library/computer roomsInternet and Medline A Campana
10:00 Cohort studies H Wolff
11:00 Case-control studies H Wolff
February 23 09:00 Longitudinal data analysis: challenges and prospects in public health settings
Strategies for data analysis: case-control studies
M Petzold

G Piaggio
14:00 Introduction to Excel, Word and Powerpoint S Koppenhoefer
10:30 Randomized clinical trials M Merialdi 15:00 Computer basics S Koppenhoefer
February 24 09:00 Strategies for data analysis: randomized controlled trials G Piaggio 14:00 Methodological issues in the measurement of maternal mortality and morbidity A Betran
10:30 Screening M Merialdi
February 27 09:00 Introduction to social sciences methods M Chimenti,
C Burton-Jeangros
14:00 Methods of data collection/analysis in social science research M Chimenti,
C Burton-Jeangros
10:30 Study designs in social science M Chimenti,
C Burton-Jeangros
February 28 09:00 Research synthesis M Gülmezoglu      
10:00 The Cochrane Collaboration R Kulier
11:00 Systematic reviews of observational data A Betran
March 01 09:00 Implementing evidence-based practices in reproductive health M Gülmezoglu      
11:00 The WHO Reproductive Health Library M Gülmezoglu
March 02 09:00 Critical appraisal of research reports (workshop) L Say 14:00 Critical appraisal of social science research reports E Johansen,
A Martin Hilber
March 03 10:30 Gender and sexual and reproductive health J Cottingham 14:00 Ethical issues in research - informed consent E Vayena

Course:  Common topics in Reproductive Health/Sexual Health

Room M505

Date AM Topic Speaker PM Topic Speaker
March 06 09:00 Sexual and reproductive health work at WHO P Van Look 14:00 From contraception to reproductive health G Benagiano
10:30 World epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections N Broutet 15:00 HIV/AIDS and mobility: From the evidence to critical issues M Martini
March 07 09:00 HIV in Women: A Global View of the HIV Epidemic G Schmid 14:00 Environmental influences on reproductive health: from conception to birth…and beyond

Fetal origins of adult diseases
J Pronczuk

MN Bruné Rossel
10:30 Preventing unsafe abortion R Kulier 15:00 Reproduction and sustainability E Mariéthoz
March 09 09:00 Infertility A Campana      
10:30 Spontaneous abortion, recurrent miscarriage A Campana
March 10 09:00 Sexual function and dysfunction in women A Campana 14:00 Mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV / Kesho Bora Study I de Vincenzi
15.00 Microbicides research and development M Merialdi
10:30 Sexual function and dysfunction in men G de Boccard 16.00 Basics concepts in genetic epidemiology M Merialdi

Course:  Reproductive Health

Room X10/WHO

Date AM Topic Speaker PM Topic Speaker
March 13 09:00 Hypothalamo - pituitary - gonadal axis R Gaillard      
10:00 The menstrual cycle F Pralong
11.00 The WHO strategic approach to strengthening reproductive health policies and programmes P Fajans
March 14 09:00 Natural contraceptive methods K Vogelsong      
10:00 Immunocontraception K Vogelsong
11:00 WHO’s Evidence-Based Guidelines for Family Planning S Johnson
March 15  09:00 Team work    14:00 Viral hepatitis and reproductive health

Epidemiology of hepatitis B

Epidemiology of hepatitis C

Introducing Hepatitis B Vaccine into National Immunization Programmes

New interventions in health services

Viral hepatitis in reproductive health: HBV and HCV treatment

Hepatitis B - Honduras Research

Franco Vietnamese Association for Liver Studies and Education (FValse)
J Bengoa

J Bengoa

PJ Malé

S Wiersma

R Bengoa

PJ Malé

F Aureli

J Bengoa
March 16  09:00 STIs, Bacterial vaginosis & HIV in Pregnancy F Ndowa 14:00 Breast cancer screening and treatment G Vlastos
 10:00 Designing and evaluating clinical algorithms for STI case management F Ndowa 15:00 Dynamic angiothermography for breast cancer screening and diagnosis D Montruccoli
March 17  09:00 The menopause (here and today) G Bianchi-Movarekhi 14:00 Palliative care N Steiner Collet
 10:00 Milestones for HPV vaccines introduction S Pagliusi
March 20  09:00 Cervical cancer: screening and management A Major 14:00 Obstetrical vaginal fistula: Surgical approach C-H Rochat,
F Fauveau,
L de Bernis
10:00 Laparoscopy in developing countries P Meyer
March 21  09:00 Prenatal diagnosis Ph Extermann 14:00 Long-acting hormonal contraceptive methods for women C d'Arcangues
10:00 Ultrasound in obstetrics Ph Extermann
11:00 Prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage M Gülmezoglu 15:00 Future methods of fertility regulation C d'Arcangues
March 22 09:00 Evidence based antenatal care M Merialdi      
10:00 Nutritional interventions during pregnancy for the prevention of maternal morbidity, mortality and preterm delivery M Merialdi
11:00 Impaired fetal growth M Mathai
March 23 09:00 WHO global survey on maternal and perinatal health A Shah      
10:00 Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia M Cherian
March 24 09:00 Pre-eclampsia-Eclampsia: an unresolved problem for over 2 millennia J Villar      
March 27-29   Exams