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Parnian Ahmadi Sadeqyar

Malalai Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan

Parnian Ahmadi Sadeqyar

Parnian Ahmadi Sadeqyar, MD
Final Year OB/GYN Resident, Malalai Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan

I am Dr.Parnian Ahmadi Sadeqyar. I have been graduated from Malalai High School Kabul in 1996. I have got my MD degree from Kabul medical university in 2006. I had keen interest in Gyn/Obs and I wanted to join this field. I passed the entrance test in 2008 and now I am working as a final year resident of Gyn/Obs in Malalai Hospital Kabul.

I am very much interested to upgrade my knowledge and experience and take part in such courses and seminars.