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Naziha Ahmadi

Ministry of Public Health, Kabul, Afghanistan

Naziha Ahmadi

Naziha Ahmadi, MD
Family Planning Service Officer, Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan

I have 7 years of experience in working in the field of public health. My earliest work was as a female doctor in a clinic where I treated children, women and men; provided counselling and advice and dispensed medicines. I also participated in national hospital assessment as supervisor where I was involved in collecting, checking and compiling data from national hospitals. Additionally I supervised and supported the data collectors and assisted them. Later I joined STEP-a national NGO and was involved in Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) implementation. I worked in different positions that helped me important achievements in the field of women and reproductive health, communicable disease and health management information system. This NGO was among the best performing institutions in BPHS implementation.

My next job was to join the central ministry of health. As a consultant to the Community-based Health Care (CBHC) unit I supported design, implementation and evaluation of interventions that contributed to women empowerment, gender equity, community capacity development and their self-reliance. Helping in design of appropriate policy and strategy design was my other key areas of focus.

My recent job at the ministry is with the reproductive and family planning department where we assist in developing national policy, strategy, and guidelines. We also make sure that these documents are disseminated and shared with all involved stakeholders. More importantly we make national strategic and operational plans for their implementation. Mobilizing appropriate resources from the government and external aid agencies help in funding the activities/plans. Giving an oversight by regular monitoring and evaluation completes the key role of the department.