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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2012 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Ahmad Shekib Arab

Safe Motherhood Intiative Department, Ministry of Public Health, Kabul, Afghanistan

Ahmad Shekib Arab

Ahmad Shekib Arab, MD
Newborn Care Manager

I completed high school in Abdul Hadi Dawi High School in Kabul /Afghanistan in 1998 and based on my interest, I attend on Kabul Medical University and graduated from this university in 2008. Being interested with public health I have started working in the Reproductive Health Directorate of Ministry of Public Healthy since May 2008. I have successfully complete the UNITAR management and leadership training cycle of 2011 and participated in Maternal and Child Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health in crisis situation, Finance Management, Health system research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Community based maternal and child health, Integrated management of childhood illnesses trainings and got some online course about Reproductive, maternal and neonatal health.