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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2012 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Amena Hashimi

Malalai Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan

Amena Hashimi

Amena Hashimi, MD, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Gynecology and Obstetric Fistula Surgery
Chief of Fellowship Program (Ob/Gyn ) in Malalai Hospital, the biggest Maternity Hospital in Afghanistan
Trainer Specialist and Surgeon in Obstetric Fistula

After completing the high school from Haryana High School in Kabul /Afghanistan 1981, I attended Kabul Medical University and graduated in 1989 then completed the residency program in Malalai maternity hospital. I moved to Pakistan during the last years of Taliban dark regime. After returning home I got the opportunity to work with IMC, where with the hard work and dedication we manage to have thirteen standard MCH clinics and one hospital in different provinces of Afghanistan. During this period my evaluation of the situation was that there was lack of well qualified midwifes in the provinces. So with the help and coordination of IMC and UNICEF I started the training program for midwifes who were in their final year of Government Midwifery Institute. The training continued for three years and was conducted in Malalai hospital we were able to successfully train 100 midwifes from different provinces of Afghanistan. I completed the trainer specialty program in Malalai hospital in 2004. In the same year I did a six week management course from USA. After 30 years of conflict in Afghanistan we fortunately got the opportunity to join a one year OB/GYNE Fellowship Training Program in 2006 which was conducted in Cure International Hospital, Kabul. After completing the fellowship program successfully, I got responsibility to continue the fellowship program in Malalai hospital. In this program with the help of my other two colleagues and the hospital administration we trained 23 trainers in Malalai Hospital.

I have also completed the Surgical Management of Fistula (VVF, RVF, and UVF) Training in Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh in April 2007. This training helped me in operating 120 complicated cases in fistula center of Malalai hospital. I served Ministry of Public Health for three years as Curative and Diagnostic Director. I had the opportunity to attend a Global course of Strengthening and Sustainable Financing of Health Systems in Washington DC, USA in November 2010.