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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2012 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Cassien Havugimana

Health Development Initiative-Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda

Cassien Havugimana

Cassien Havugimana, Pharmacist, Human Rights Advocate
Programs Manager of Health Development Initiative-Rwanda (HDI)

I am a pharmacist and human rights advocate with over 5 years of experience working in the non-profit sector. I have an extensive knowledge in Project Management and Sufficient skills in Policy and Advocacy to Improving the health of vulnerable populations often involves overcoming barriers of stigma and discrimination at the local, societal, and institutional levels. As part of our work, we collaborate with local communities, young people and other civil society organizations to advocate for the health and human rights of all Rwandans. Currently I serve as the Programs Manager of Health Development Initiative-Rwanda (HDI) www.hdirwanda.org , an organization working to promote health and development among disadvantaged communities. A large part of my role as the Programs Manager of HDI is to monitor and influence policies, and advocate for disadvantaged communities to have access to the knowledge and resources necessary to exercise choice and responsibility on their health, and to increase sexual and reproductive health services to the young people. The success of these aims depends on the promotion and formulation of good and inclusive policies that put into account the needs of the poor. I have played a leading role in the revision of the National policies regarding reproductive rights in Rwanda and sexual minorities. I have participated in the regional consultation meeting on sexual and reproductive health emphasizing on improving maternal health and achieveing MDG5 organized by Women Deliver and Partners in Population and Development (PPD). I also initiated and coordinated advocacy campaigns in Rwanda on safe abortion as women’s rights and public health concer as well as advocacy to advocate for condoms availability and accessibility in high schools by Promoting Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Rwanda.

I am a young health professional with a sophisticated grasp of the health sector, reproductive health and human rights, and have demonstrated balanced judgment in relation to the difficult issues of social and health sector development in Rwanda and the region in general. I am committed to promoting public health and reproductive health services delivery to the young people and defending the rights of the vulnerable.

I want to learn skills necessary to conduct policy relevant researches and get additional skills in non-clinical foundation in the main aspects of reproductive and sexual health: family planning, obstetric health and AIDS/STIs. I want to improve my skills and my work by introducing the new concepts and methods used in reproductive and sexual health research and to equip other staff with the principles and methods to conduct research in our everyday activities in sexual and reproductive health.