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Zenaw Tafere Merie

Eureka Health Services PLC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Zenaw Tafere Merie

Zenaw Tafere Merie, Degree on Nursing and Management, MPH in Health Education and Promotion
Public Health Consultant at Eureka Health Services PLC, Ethiopia

My Name is Zenaw Tafere from Addis Ababa- Ethiopia. I am 31 years old. I have got my first degrees on Nursing from Jimma University and Business Management from Bahir Dar University; and my second degree on MPH in Health Education and Promotion from Jimma University. In addition to pre- service trainings I attained diversified national and international in-service trainings.

Regarding experiences, I have 6 years working experience as clinical care at governmental hospital, Instructor at governmental Nursing school and as freelance consultant with different governmental and non- governmental organizations.

Currently, I am working as a private Public Health Consultant by establishing a firm called EUREKA Health Services to provide backstopping services for many organizations.