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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2012 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Joy Mugambi

Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Kenya

Joy Mugambi

Joy Mugambi, BSc Biology
Member of Global Youth Coalition on AIDS (GYCA)/ GYCA Kenya
Member of International Youth Council

Joy Mugambi is a Social Scientist and development worker with experience in HIV&AIDS programme management, gender mainstreaming, policy analysis and human rights work with critical focus on SRHR and youth for the last 7 years. Her key competences include gender mainstreaming, advocacy for PLHIV and Gender based violence (GBV) issues, capacity building in M&E, Sex, sexuality and sex communication as a tool for HIV prevention. She is a gender activist and advocates for inclusion of Family planning (FP), Sexual reproductive health services (SRH), Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP), youth friendly HIV testing and counseling, and prevention of Mother to child transmission (PMTCT), through development of relevant proposals, and monitoring to ensure set targets are achieved through community score card and lobbying of community leaders and health personnel.

Joy is a VSO volunteer in Malawi, with National Association for People Living with HIV&AIDS (NAPHAM), working as a Monitoring & Evaluation and Resource Mobilization Advisor. A strong component in all her job assignments is monitoring and evaluation of projects, an area which she has 7 years experience. Currently she leads the resource mobilization team, through identifying call for proposals, setting up team meetings to work on the proposals, and engaging in donor negotiations. She has worked in policy formulation and advocacy work, research, training, building partnerships and program management. Joy has a great passion for working with communities, around issues of development, public health, peace and conflict resolution.

Joy is member of the PHM-Kenya (People's Health Movement), a movement formed by Health managers in Kenya, who have undergone training in Public Health under the International People's Health University (IPHU). She attended a 2 weeks course on Struggle for Health; and Participated in the World Social Forum 2011, as part of this training. The training presented a forum for sharing the various issues in Health Systems, and how they can be dealt with. The Struggle for Health course was crucial in identifying health management gaps, and provided skills and expertise in planning and managing country health systems.

She is also an executive committee member for Women Against Domestic Violence in Kenya. This organization targets women and men to address issues on Gender Based Violence, prevention of HIV&AIDS, and rescue of GBV Victims. The organization promotes advocacy on peaceful conflict resolution among police officers, their families, prisoners and community at large. They also organize national forums to address gender issues like GBV, greater inclusion of women in decision making, and plan once-off events like visiting women and children in prison, organizing walks and dinners for GBV survivors, offering psychosocial support and counselling; rescue shelters for GBV victims/survivors, and linking them to legal and medical support.

Due to her nature of work, research and rapid assessments are very crucial to assess the depth of the underlying issues at the community level, hence her wish to take part in this SRH training through GFMER.