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Daniel Nigusse

Mekelle University, Ethiopia

Daniel Nigusse

Daniel Nigusse, MPH
Lecturer, Mekelle University, Ethiopia
Member of the Ethiopian Public Health Association

I was born in rural area called “Tenta” which is too close to the historical place Mekedela Amba, a place where an Emperor Tewodros kill himself during the war between foreign colonizers; I grow and become matured with the thought of such histories. That was really a good exposure for me to pass such a thought of history because I started to test its benefit now, at least it makes me strong and fearless when I start any work, and just i feel I can overcome any challenges what I will face in my future path”. i attend and completed my first and second cycle education in this rural area.

After join to senior high school, I have been actively participating in various social clubs such as environmental protection club, science club, Anti-HIV/AIDS club and also I was participating in creating health awareness to the rural communities which is located nearby the school. My active participation not stopped here, it goes also with me when I joined higher education/university. I was a member and secretary of graduation committee, which was organized by the faculty dean. In addition I was also a member of foot ball team in the university and we were participated in foot ball competitions between universities at country level. Those participations have really shaped and changed my team work philosophy and also have enabled me to develop problem identification and solving skill, and effective communication skills to highest level. In consequence today I become a best and smartest teamwork player than ever in my career.

I was the second top scorer in my undergraduate program; as a result the Ethiopian Ministry of Health assigned me to Mekelle University as an academic staff in the department of public health under the college of health science, still now I have been working in this institution. Through my four years working experience I have been exposed and work closely to the community.

Regarding on research work participation, I tried to participate on researches as a co-investigator and principal investigator on some scientific topics in collaborate with my colleagues. Maternal and child health among irrigation beneficiaries’ households which is conducted in our demographic survey and surveillance site, Assessment of health extension program in Tigray region in which around six individuals participated in the study, prevalence of gender based violence among Mekelle university students and food hygiene practice and prevalence of intestinal parasites among food handlers working in Mekelle university are some the topic what I have been participated so far. Though these scientific works are not published yet, me and my friend working on it and hope fully some of the papers will be published soon.
A year ago I have finished my master program courses in general public health and this program gave me a strong understanding on public health priority areas and different statistical software application.

I have a few hobbies what makes me happy and strong in my daily tasks like playing foot ball, reading historical books and Bible. Moreover, doing best thing for others and looking their happiness give me a great pleasure.

In general am very young and visionary person who believes that I can do something for the benefit of others.