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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2012 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Taiwo Oyelade

WHO Country Office, Abuja, Nigeria

Taiwo Oyelade

Taiwo Oyelade, MD, Public Health Physician, MBBS, MPH
Member, Nigeria Medical Association
Member, Association of Public Health Physician of Nigeria
Member, Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
National Professional Officer, Family and Reproductive Health WHO Country Office, Abuja, Nigeria

I have worked in the field of Public Health providing leadership in population and reproductive health activities for close to 20 years. Some of my current responsibilities include reviewing and analyzing national Maternal, Newborn and Reproductive health policies, strategies, programmes and related legislations and advising government and other stakeholders on the best policy options and their implementation.

In addition, I provide technical support for monitoring and evaluation, and assist promotion and implementation of operational research on Maternal, Newborn and Reproductive health, including family planning and PMTCT interventions.

Earlier in my career, I was involved in Community Clinical practice in Lagos during which I was able to appreciate the magnitude of Sexual and Reproductive Health problems and the need to scale-up reproductive health interventions for universal access. The Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health will improve my capacity to better coordinate and support the ongoing Implementation Research in MNCH and PMTCT in Nigeria as we approach MDG targets.