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Peyman Salehi

Shahid Beheshti Hospital Infertility Center, Isfahan, Iran

Peyman Salehi

Peyman Salehi, MD, Urologist, Advanced Male Infertility Certifications
Manager of Shahid Beheshti Infertility Center, Isfahan, Iran
Ordibehesht Hospital, Isfahan, Iran

My name is Peyman Salehi, I am Urologist and graduated from Isfahan University of medical sciences in Iran 4 years ago, I passed Advanced male Infertility Courses in Royan Institute (Tehran, Iran) and Yazd Infertility Center (Yazd, Iran) 2 years ago. Since 2011 I am manager of “Shahid Beheshti” Infertility center in Isfahan.

Also I am member of European Association of Urology (EAU) and Iranian Urological Association (IUA).

Most of patients referred to my office complain of infertility and sexual dysfunction. My Special Skill is in microscopic male infertility surgical procedures, especially Vasectomy Reversal (Vasovasostomy) and varicocelectomy so I have set up the center of Vasectomy Reversal in center of Iran (Isfahan). I also have a Persian website (drsalehi.ir) and I am in direct and close contact with general population especially for their sexual and infertility problems.

Publications in journals

  • Khorrami MH, Salehi P, Nouri-Mahdavi K, Ghalamkari A, Tadayyon F. Dramatic effect of a somatostatin analogue in decreasing mucus production by the intestinal segment after enterocystoplasty. J Urol. 2008 Dec;180(6):2501-3.
  • Yazdani M, Salehi P. Investigation of incidence of major complications of ureteroscopic lithotripsy and its treatment (1994-2006). Journal of Gorgan University of Medical sciences. 2008 Winter;9(4):36-40.
  • Salehi P, Omidifar N. A new, inexpensive and minimally invasive method to remove a Foley catheter with balloon obstruction. Journal of Isfahan Medical Faculty. 2008 Summer;26(89):208-12.
  • Gheshlaghi F, Khayyam E, Izadi N, Salehi P. Relation between cardiovascular factors and prognosis in organophosphate poisoned patients. Journal of LMO. 2008 Winter;14(51):172-5.