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Manuel Napúa

Beira Operations Research Center, Mozambique


Manuel Napúa

Manuel Napúa, MD
Medical Researcher, Beira Operations Research Center, Mozambique

Dr. Manuel Napúa, was born on the 18th of September 1969 in a rural area called Rapale, in Nampula Province, Northern Mozambique. He graduated from the Catholic University of Mozambique, Beira, Sofala Province, as a General Practitioner. He has over seven years of experience working as a clinician in the Mozambican National Health Services. Dr Napúa’s clinical expertise and experience in both urban and rural settings will allow him to carry out important research in these areas. Dr. Napúa supported the scale-up of PMTCT and ART in several districts in Mozambique as a physician and manager. In addition to clinical practice, he has experience in teaching and training health workers. His years of experience as Chief Medical Officer in several districts demonstrate his managerial ability, which will be indispensable in managing future studies. He worked as the Provincial Lead for the Pathfinder International AA Family Planning Project. In this role, not only did he manage six district nurses, but he also carried out data collection, conducted training, and provided clinical technical assistance for staff.

Since February 2013, Dr Napúa has been an option B+ study Coordinator at Beira Operations Research Center, for Sofala and Manica Provinces.