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Oyo Tom Patrick

Kaberamaido District Health Department, Eastern Uganda


Oyo Tom Patrick

Oyo Tom Patrick, DCMCH, BSc HSM
Senior Medical Clinical Officer, Kaberamaido District Health Department, Eastern Uganda

Oyo Tom Patrick was born on January 25th 1976. He graduated from Gulu School of Clinical Medicine, Northern Uganda in November 2001 and obtained a diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Service Management from Islamic University, Mbale, Uganda in March 2013. He was in charge of health units and to date he is attached to Anyara Health Centre III as sub-county health service supervisor, Kaberamaido District, Eastern Uganda.

He conducts curative (general diagnosis and treatment of diseases) and preventive measures, and advocates/lobbies for capital development of the health unit, human resources, financial and equipment management.

He has been out of Uganda on personal business, has a wife with three well-spaced children and is expecting a fourth child this year (2013).