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Anderson Pinheiro

Centro de Atenção Integral à Saúde da Mulher, University of Campinas, Brazil


Anderson Pinheiro

Anderson Pinheiro, Bachelor’s in Medicine, Master’s in Clinical Medicine
Obstetrician, Centro de Atenção Integral à Saúde da Mulher (CAISM), University of Campinas, São Paolo, Brazil

My name is Anderson Pinheiro. I work at CAISM, a university center and hospital specializing in high-risk pregnancies. I'm doing a doctorate in the field of obstetrics and intend to pursue a career in academics. At CAISM, where I work as an obstetrician, I have the following responsibilities: assistance in high-risk pregnancies, teaching residents and students, giving tests and seminars to students of the University of Campinas, and formulating care protocols.

Publications in journals

  • Yela DA, Pinheiro A, Pinto JPL, Andrade L. Twin pregnancy with complete hydatidiform mole with a live fetus. Brazilian Journal of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. 2011 Apr;47(2):165-70.
  • Vieira R, Junior AS, Mangolo G, Chamom R, Albino M, Madureira P, Pinheiro A. Some Epidemiological Aspects and Clinical patients Intoxicated by Organophosphorus Served by CCI-UNICAMP, 1993-2002. Brazilian Journal of Toxicology. 2003;16:177.