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From Research to Practice

Postgraduate Training Course in Reproductive Health/Chronic Disease

organised by

the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research,
the UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank Special Programme for Research in Human Reproduction, Department of Reproductive Health and Research, Family and Community Health Cluster (WHO/RHR)
the WHO Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health Cluster (WHO/NMH)

in collaboration with
the Department of Health of the Canton of Geneva
the Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University
the Geneva Medical Association

Lecture plan - List of participants - List of lecturers - Scientific reviews presented by the participants


Lectures (Authors) References
Opening ceremony
Fertility in ageing societies : Quo vadimus ? (E. Diczfalusy)  
Chronic Diseases: a global view (K. Strong) The World Health Report (World Health Organization)
Research methodology
The Gap Between Evidence and Practice in Maternal Health Care (J. Villar, M. Gülmezoglu, G. Carroli, G. Piaggio) The Gap Between Evidence and Practice in Maternal Health Care : References (J. Villar, M. Gülmezoglu, G. Carroli, G. Piaggio)
From Evidence to action (D. Yach)  
Cohort studies (A. Morabia)  
Case-control studies (A. Morabia)  
Randomized controlled trials (M. Merialdi)  
Community interventions (cluster randomised) and equivalence trials (G. Piaggio)  
Methodological issues in the measurement of maternal mortality and morbidity (A. Betran) Maternal mortality in 1995: estimates developed by WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA (WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA)
Methodological issues in the use of anthropometry for evaluation of nutritional status (M. de Onis) WHO Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition (WHO Department of Nutrition for Health and Development)
Strategies for data analysis : Cohort studies (L. Say) Cohort Study - Epidemiology P6400 Disease Outbreak Simulation (Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University)
Analysis of data from case-control studies (I.M. Malonza)  
Strategies for data analysis : RCT & community interventions(G. Piaggio)  
Screening (M. Merialdi)  
Screening for Chronic Disease (A. Miller)  
Research synthesis (M. Gülmezoglu)  
Critical appraisal (L. Say)  
Systematic reviews of observational data (A. Betran) Systematic reviews of observational data : References (A. Betran)
Cochrane Collaboration: Current state and future directions (M. Clarke) Cochrane Library 'Little Gems' (Cochrane Collaboration, National electronic Library for Health)
The WHO Reproductive Health Library (M. Gülmezoglu) The WHO Reproductive Health Library
Internet and Medline (A. Campana) Internet and Medline : References (A. Campana)
Ethics and gender issues
Ethical issues in research (E. Vayena) Ethical issues in research - References (E. Vayena)
Ethical aspects of reproductive and sexual health (A. Mauron)  
Gender, Women's Health, Human Rights (E. Kismodi) Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations)
Beijing+5 (United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women)
Basic sciences
Gametogenesis / Gametogenesis (PDF) (C. de Vantéry Arrighi, H. Lucas)  
Fertilization (F. Urner)  
Puberty (V.M. Schwitzgebel)  
Hypothalamo - pituitary - gonadal axis (R. Gaillard)  
The menstrual cycle (P. Bischof)  
Receptor type and second messengers (P. Bischof)  
Implantation (P. Bischof)  
Genetic counseling : Principles and practice (M. Gersbach-Forrer)  
The Genetic Consultation in Ob-Gyn : Reproductive Pathologies and Prenatal Diagnosis (M. Gersbach-Forrer)  
Monogenic Affections of the Gonadotrope Axis in Humans (F. Pralong) Monogenic Affections of the Gonadotrope Axis in Humans: References (F. Pralong)
Heredity and cancer : Breast cancer as a model (P.O. Chappuis) Heredity and cancer - References (P.O. Chappuis)
The human genome project ; its implication for the practice of medicine in the 21st century (S. Antonarakis) Human Genome Project Information (Office of Science, National Institutes of Health - NIH)
Family planning
Reproductive health research at WHO (P. van Look) Progress in Reproductive Health Research (HRP)
Programme reports (HRP)
From Contraception to Reproductive Health (G. Benagiano)  
Levels and Trends in Contraceptive Use (I. Shah) World Contraceptive Use 1998 (United Nations Population Division)
World Contraceptive Use 2001 (United Nations Population Division)
Combined oral contraceptives (E.J. Ezcurra) Combined Oral Contraceptives (ReproLine)
Implantable contraceptives for women (O. Meirik, I.S. Fraser, C. d'Arcangues) / Injectable contraceptives for women (C. d'Arcangues, R. Snow) / Long-acting contraceptive methods for women (C. d'Arcangues)  
Intrauterine device (IUD)  
Natural contraceptive methods / Natural contraceptive methods (PDF) (K.M. Vogelsong)  
Emergency contraception (H. von Hertzen)  
Sterilisation (H.B. Peterson)  
WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptives (H.B. Peterson) Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use (WHO/RHR)
Immunocontraception (P.D. Griffin)  
Male contraception / Male contraception (PDF) (K.M. Vogelsong)  
Preventing unsafe abortion (R. Kulier) Global and regional estimates of incidence of a mortality due to unsafe abortion with a listing of available country data. Third edition (WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research)
Infertility, gynaecological endocrinology and menopause
Infertility and spontaneous abortion (A. Campana)  
Surgical treatment of male infertility / Surgical treatment of male infertility (PDF) (G.A. de Boccard)  
Artificial reproductive technology (T. Elbarbary, H. Lucas)  
Menstrual disorders (D. Chardonnens)  
Hormone replacement therapy (F. Luzuy)  
Osteoporosis, genetics and hormones (R. Rizzoli, J.-P. Bonjour, S.L. Ferrari) / The measurement of bone mass (R. Rizzoli) / Osteoporosis in the frail elderly: A special case? (R. Rizzoli, J.-P. Bonjour) / A comprehensive review of treatments for postmenopausal osteoporosis (H.J. Häuselmann, R. Rizzoli)  
Gynaecological cancer
Prophylactic and Therapeutic Vaccines for Cervical Cancer (P.-Y. Dietrich)  
Cytopathology (R. Genta)  
Radiation Therapy in Cervical Cancer (Y. Popowski)  
Breast cancer: Diagnosis and treatment (G. Vlastos)  
Palliative care (N. Steiner)  
Genital infections/Sexually transmitted diseases
 HIV infection in pregnancy (P. Brocklehurst)  
Dual protection: Prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STIs/HIV (K. O’Reilly)  
WHO Programme to Map Best Reproductive Health Practices (J. Villar, M. Gulmezoglu, M. Merialdi, G. Piaggio, A.P. Betran, A. Shah, C. Peters, J. Pizot, H. Kabagenyi)  
Prenatal diagnosis (Ph. Extermann)  
Prenatal diagnosis : Imaging (Ph. Extermann)  
Impaired fetal growth (M. Merialdi)  
Trials on preeclampsia (M. Merialdi)  
Anaemia and its effect on pregnancy outcome (J. Villar)  
Nutritional interventions during pregnancy for the prevention or treatment of maternal morbidity, mortality or preterm delivery (J. Villar, M. Merialdi, M. Gülmezoglu, E. Abalos, G. Carroli, R. Kulier, M. de Onis)  
Prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage (M. Gülmezoglu, G.J. Hofmeyr)  
Obstetrical vaginal fistula: surgical approach (PDF) / Obstetrical vaginal fistula: surgical approach (Video) (C.-H. Rochat)  
Malaria in pregnancy (R. Kabra) Roll Back Malaria (WHO, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank)