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Courses on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research 2021


The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other partners announces a series of online training courses in the field of sexual and reproductive health and research for 2021.

These courses provide health professionals with knowledge, skills and competencies in sexual and reproductive health, as well as research in this field, especially for those health care providers whose access to learning is limited by time, financial resources or other constraints and for whom access to quality education in the field of sexual and reproductive health is limited. With this training program, participants will learn first-hand about the day-to-day and long-term challenges in the field of sexual and reproductive health and research.

Courses schedule: (Click on the course to access the information on each course and application form)

Course Schedule Application deadline
Adolescent sexual and reproductive health (EMRO) 8 weeks (25 January 2021 - 21 March 2021) 11 January 2021
Family planning 4 weeks (14 June 2021 - 11 July 2021) 31 May 2021
Research methodology and research protocol development 8 weeks (6 September 2021 - 31 October 2021 23 August 2021

Eligible candidates

Eligible candidates are health professionals, paramedical staff, project planners and managers in health-related areas and social scientists from all countries.

Teaching language

The teaching language of the course is English. In order to follow the course, it is of utmost importance that the participant’s level of English comprehension is adequate.

Teaching-learning methods

  1. A set of slides with accompanying talking points
  2. Reference documents
  3. Other audio-visual materials
  4. Assignments

Course validation and certificate

In order to validate the module and obtain the certificate, the participants are required to successfully complete the required assignments for the undertaken course.

Admission procedures

1. Submit the online application form of selected course (s) and required documents:

  • A curriculum vitae, including sections on current and previous positions
  • A certified copy of diploma(s)
  • A letter of motivation stating clearly your interests and reasons for applying to the Course (1-2 page maximum)

2. Wait for the acceptance notice from the administrative office.


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