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Alphabetical index of GFMER pages - V

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Vaccines : Free medical journals

Vaccines in pregnancy

Vaginal cancer

Vaginal Dopamine Agonists: Biochemical and Clinical Responses - A New Trial

Vaginal practices and the risk of vaginosis, HIV and other STI’s in Mozambique

Vaginal progesterone: from IVF to menopause

Vaginal promontofixation by robotic laparoscopy: da Vinci system

Vaikunthan Rajaratnam - Hand Surgery, New Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK

Validity of microsurgery during TESE procedure

Value of peritoneal cytology in early stage endometrial cancer

Vanuatu - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Vascular Effects of Ovarian Hormones

Vasectomy, vasectomy reversal : Guidelines

Venezuela - Facultades de Medicina / Medical Schools - Google Maps

Vietnam - Medical Schools - Google Maps



Violence against women, gender-based violence

Viral hepatitis and reproductive health (HTM file)

Viral Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Viral hepatitis in reproductive health

Viral hepatitis in reproductive health: HBV and HCV treatment  (HTM file)

Viral hepatitis studies in Vietnam - FValse

Viral hepatitis vaccines

Virology : Free medical journals

Virtual amputation - A new procedure to save toes and forefoot from amputation

Virtual colonoscopy

Visual evaluation of early (~ 4-cell) mammalian embryos. How well does it predict subsequent viability?

Visual Examination Reporting Form

Visual inspection with acetic acid as a cervical cancer screening tool for developing countries (slide presentation)

Vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy

Vitamin K deficiency bleeding

Vladimir Velebit - Cardiovascular surgery / Chirurgie cardiovasculaire

Vulnerability of HIV/AIDS among young Nepalese male labour migrants

Vulvar cancer

Vulvar diseases

Vulvitis, vaginitis