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Abdul Karim Abawi - Reproductive Health in Afghanistan

Abdulrazzaq Al-Ameri - College of Medicine, University of Babylon, Iraq

Abnormal uterine bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleeding, menorrhagia

Abortion and public health

Abortion law

Acceptability of Contraceptives by Women in Pakistan

Acceptability of microbicides as products protecting against STIs and HIV/AIDS: A systematic review (slide presentation)

Acceptance of family planning methods among women coming to referral hospitals for abortion and post abortion care in Cambodia

Access to emergency contraception among sexual assault survivors: knowledge, attitudes and practices of health workers and police officers in Durban

Access to reproductive health care – global significance and conceptual challenges

Accuracy and reliability of nucleic acid amplification tests in the diagnosis of tuberculosis (reproduced with permission from the National Medical Journal of India)

Acupuncture consultation

Acupuncture for the management of dysmenorrhea

Acupuncture in gynecology and obstetrics (2001)

Acupuncture in gynecology and obstetrics (2004)

Acupuncture in the treatment of amenorrhea

Acupuncture standards in China

Acupuncture use in the gynaecology and obstetrics

Adaptive thermoregulation in different species of animals

Adhesion prevention in tubal surgery


Adolescent contraception

Adolescent Friendly Health Services

Adolescent health

Adolescent health and development: why it matters

Adolescent pregnancy

Adolescent reproductive health, adolescent gynecology

Adolescent sexual and reproductive health: An overview and a proposal for further research

Adolescent sexual health

Adolescent sexual health: a culture-sensitive educational approach

Advancing sexual and reproductive health through gender equality and human rights

Advice and information for the infertile couple

Aerospace medicine : Free medical journals

Afghanistan - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean Annual Technical Report 1997

African Reproductive Health Research and Training Network

Aging research on cancer

Agung Dewanto - Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ahmed Elkhirshy - Makkah's Maternity and Children's Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Aida Kumnova - Obstetrician and gynecologist, Department of infertility, Regional Hospital of Gjakova, Kosovo

Aided Visual Inspection of the Cervix "Acetic Acid Test" by Nazeer

Aided Visual Inspection of the Cervix "Acetic Acid Test" Picture Atlas

AIDS-associated opportunistic infections, co-infections, and malignancies

Akka Jyothy - Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases, Osmania University, Begumpet, Hyderabad, India

Akmal Nabil Ahmad El-Mazny - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Akmal Nabil Ahmad El-Mazny - Publications

Albania - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Alcohol and drugs

Algeria - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Alpine Institute for Phytopharmacology

Alternative medicine and the perimenopause

Alternative, non-IVF therapies

Alternatives to Cytology: New Perspectives for Screening of Cervical Cancer

Amal Abd El Hafez - Lecturer of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt

Amar Taksande - Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha, India

Amar Taksande - Curriculum Vitae


Americas Annual Technical Report 1997

Amin J Barakat. Interview. Lancet

Aminu's voice - The Voices of GFMER by Kerlène Volant

Amir Monir Ali - Curriculum Vitae

Amir Monir Ali - Director of the E-learning Unit, Mansoura School of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt

Amniocentesis, chorionic villi sampling

Anaemia and pregnancy

Anaesthesia for gynaecological endoscopy

Analysis of data from case-control studies

Anatomy, histology : Free medical journals


Andrology, sexuality : Free medical journals


Anemia and hemoglobinopathies

Anemia in cancer

Anemia in kidney disease

Anesthesiology, pain : Free medical journals

Aneuploidy Screening on Uncultured Amnyocytes in Selected Referral Groups - A Clinical Audit

Angiogenesis and metastatic spread of ovarian cancer

Angola - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Anguilla - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Anita Nudelman - Curriculum Vitae

Anita Nudelman - Qualitative Research Methods and Medical Anthropology, Recanati School for Community Health Professions, Ben Gurion University, Israel

Annuka Bathija - Forensic Anthropology

Anorexia nervosa

Antenatal screening for sickle disease

Antenatal Screening of Sickle Cell Disease

Antiretroviral therapy

Antiretroviral therapy: adverse events, complications

Antiretroviral therapy: drug resistance

Antiretroviral therapy: laboratory testing

Antigua and Barbuda - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Antioxidants supplementation in prevention of preeclampsia

Anxiety disorders in menopause

Aplastic anemia

Apoptosis during preimplantation embryo development

Application of a set of maternal and newborn health indicators to monitor the implementation of the WHO Global Reproductive Health Strategy in Rosario, Argentina

Appropriateness of gatekeeping in provision of reproductive health care for adolescents in Lithuania: General practitioners’ perspective (slide presentation)

Argentina - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Armenia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Art and Health

Art for Health

Art for Health Gallery - Elisabetta Farina

Art for Health project meeting - WHO Geneva 2006

Art for health: reducing maternal and newborn mortality

Artificial insemination

Artificial reproductive technology

Arulsamy Anand - Texila American University, Guyana

Ashish Trivedi - SBKS Medical Institute and Research Centre, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, Piparia, Vadodara, India

Asia and Western Pacific Annual Technical Report 1997

Assessing maternal mortality due to induced abortion (slide presentation)

Assessing youth-friendly health services in the Russian Federation

Assessment of sexual violence within heterosexual intimate partners in Mures county (slide presentation)

Assisted reproductive techniques

Assisted reproductive techniques: ovarian stimulation

Assisted reproductive techniques: pregnancy outcomes

Assisted reproductive technologies

Association of fetal sex and preeclampsia/eclampsia?

Association of unilateral renal agenesis and genital anomalies

Attitudes of postmenopausal women towards hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the effects of HRT on lipid profiles

Audio and visual media: standard citations - National Library of Medicine (NLM) style

Audit and Feedback: effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes in the Obstetrics Unit of the State University of Campinas, Brazil

Aurelien Pekezou Tchoffo - General practitioner, Catholic Medical Heath Centre of Bali Nyonga, Cameroon

Australia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Austria - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Autoimmune diseases in pregnancy

Autoimmune hepatitis

Azerbaijan - Medical Schools - Google Maps