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Safe Motherhood : Lessons learned from 10 years’ experience

Saint Kitts and Nevis - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Saint Lucia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Saliva ferning test and the fertile period

Samira El Maerrawi T. Haddad - Woman’s Hospital, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil

Samoa - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Sample size and sampling methods

San Marino - Facoltà di Medicina / Medical Schools - Google Maps

Sandro Contini - Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Parma, Italy

Saudi Arabia - Medical Schools - Google Maps


Scientific research. Writing for publication: Steps for novice writers


Screening for cervical cancer

Screening for Chronic Disease

Screening for Hypertension

Screening for obstetrics and intrapartum events


Search engines, translators, dictionaries

Searching PubMed

Second Trimester Maternal Serum Screening Programmes for the Detection of Down's Syndrome

Second Trimester Maternal Serum Screening Programmes for the Detection of Down's Syndrome (PDF)

Semen Analysis (1998)

Semen analysis (1999)

Semen analysis (2001)

Semen analysis and fertility

Senegal - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Sentinel lymph node biopsy

Serbia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Sex and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, among street youth in Indonesia (slide presentation)

Sex differentiation disorders

Sexology and Public Health: Introduction

Sexology and sex research. Towards an interdisciplinary study of human sexuality (HTM file)

Sexual and reproductive health for persons with disabilities (HTM file)

Sexual and reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS

Sexual and Reproductive Health: Overview of ICPD and MDG Monitoring in Asia ICPD +15

Sexual and reproductive health research at WHO

Sexual and reproductive health work at WHO

Sexual aspects of Female Genital Mutilation/cutting (FGM/c) among Sudanese women migrated to Switzerland

Sexual behaviors and pattern of RH commodities usage by PLWH in Ibadan, Nigeria

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual function and dysfunction in men

Sexual functioning/dysfunctions: point of view of a sexologist (HTM file)

Sexual health and AIDS prevention for adolescents

Sexual health and qualitative methodology - Denise Medico

Sexual health for the millennium declaration

Sexual health research: Ethical and legal considerations in researching sensitive topics (HTM file)

Sexual health, sexual medicine

Sexual hormones

Sexual identity disorders (slide presentation)

Sexual problems and conjugal psychosocial functioning

Sexual violence, sexual abuse, sexual harassment

Sexuality and reproductive health education in two universities in Jakarta-Indonesia

Sexuality and the menopause

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, a cause of infertility in males

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections epidemiology

Sexually transmitted infections epidemiology (part 1)

Sexually transmitted infections epidemiology (part 2)

Sexually transmitted infections: epidemiology

Sexually transmitted infections in pregnancy

Sexually transmitted infections: prevention

Sexually transmitted infections: screening, diagnosis

Sexually transmitted infections: treatment

Seychelles - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Shadia Francisco Nurmahomed - Director of the Health center of Matola, Ministry of Health of Mozambique

Shahad Mahmoud Hussein - Assistant Professor, University of Khartoum, Sudan

Shahad Mahmoud Hussein - Curriculum Vitae

Shahid Beheshti Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran

Shoulder dystocia

Shyam Thapa - Scientist, WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research

Sickle cell anemia : Guidelines

Sierra Leone - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Simon Silvan - Department of Biochemistry, Achariya Arts and Science College, Villianur, India

Singapore - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Single-dose Antibacterial Treatment for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnancy

Single-dose Antibacterial Treatment for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnancy (PDF)


Skills workshop 1-1: The general examination at the first clinic visit

Skills workshop 1-2: Examination of the abdomen in pregnancy

Skills workshop 1-3: Vaginal examination in pregnancy

Skills workshop 1-4: Screening tests for syphilis

Skills workshop 1-5: Screening tests for HIV

Skills workshop 2: Routine use of the antenatal card

Skills workshop 3: Measuring blood pressure and proteinuria

Skills workshop 8-1: Examination of the abdomen in labour

Skills workshop 8-2: Vaginal examination in labour

Skills workshop 8-3: Recording observations on the partogram

Skills workshop 9: Performing and repairing an episiotomy

Skills workshop 16: Neonatal asphyxia and resuscitation - Objectives

Skills workshop 17: Gestational age and size at birth - Objectives

Skills workshop 18: Clinical history and examination - Objectives

Skills workshop 20: Clinical notes and observations - Objectives

Skills workshop 21: Feeding high risk and sick infants - Objectives

Skills workshop 22: Temperature control and hypothermia - Objectives

Skills workshop 23: Glucose control and hypoglycaemia - Objectives

Skills workshop 24: Jaundice and phototherapy - Objectives

Skills workshop 25: Respiratory distress and apnoea - Objectives

Skills workshop 26: Oxygen therapy - Objectives

Skin diseases in pregnancy

Sleep medicine : Free medical journals

Slovakia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Slovenia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Smoking in pregnancy

Social, ethics, religion and science in reproductive technologies

Social science research on vulnerable populations

Somalia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

South Africa - Medical Schools - Google Maps

South Asian Perspective on Fertility Regulation

South Korea - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Spain - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Spanish : Free medical journals

Specific diagnoses of infertility, by developing status and region (WHO study)

Specificity of adolescent reproductive health

Sperm retrieval for intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection in non-obstructive azoospermia

Sperm separation procedures in human ART - Safety and efficiency


Spontaneous abortion

Spontaneous abortion, habitual abortion

Sport sciences, exercise : Free medical journals

Sri Lanka - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Statistics and research

Statistics : Free medical journals

Status report on the European database

STDs and HIV. A review of related clinical and social issues as they apply to Laos

Stem cells, regenerative medicine : Free medical journals


Sterilization : Guidelines

Steroid hormone metabolism

STI and HIV/AIDS prevention programmes among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa

STI control as HIV prevention

STIs, bacterial vaginosis & HIV in pregnancy

Stillbirth, neonatal mortality

Strategic Approach: Working with Countries to Strengthen Reproductive Health Policies and Programmes (HTM file)

Strategies for data analysis: case-control studies (HTM file)

Strategies for data analysis: Case-control study

Strategies for Data Analysis: Cohort and Case-control Studies

Strategies for data analysis: Cohort studies

Strategies for data analysis: Cohort study

Strategies for data analysis: Observational studies

Strategies for data analysis: case-control studies - E. Bergel

Strategies for data analysis: case-control studies (HTM file) - G. Piaggio

Strategies for Data Analysis: Randomized Controlled Trials - D. Wojdyla

Strategies for data analysis: RCT and community interventions

Strategies for data analysis: RCT and community interventions

Strategies for data analysis: RCTs - E. Bergel

Strategies for data analysis: RCTs - G. Piaggio

Strategies for low and medium resource countries in the community care and prevention of birth defects: Jordan model. A proposal for a national strategy on the care and prevention of birth defects in Jordan

Strategy for the elimination of congenital syphilis

Strategy for the programme on Early Childhood Development (ECD) - Meena Cabral de Mello

Strengthening essential emergency surgical care and introduction of latest technical progress in Mongolian surgical practice

Strengthening sexual and reproductive health in emergency and crisis situations

Study on HIV/AIDS issues and sexual abuse practices among young people of persons with disabilities in Ethiopia

Study on maternal health care in decentralization era in East Java province, Indonesia

Studying adolescent sexuality and sexual health

Studying incest (HTM file)

Studying infections related to sexual health

Studying sexuality & sexual health in young people

Substance abuse, addiction : Free medical journals

Substance use in pregnancy

Successful use of oxandrolone in the prophylaxis of hereditary angioedema: A case report

Sudan Fertility Care Association

Sudan - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Sudanese Population Network

Suggested media resources on the scientific basis of Early Childhood Development (ECD) - Meena Cabral de Mello

Surgery : Free medical journals

Surgery of urogenital trauma in condition of war or precarity (full document)

Surgical mission report and formative course on the global treatment of obstetric fistulas in Tanguieta (Benin) - March 28th to April 7th 2014

Surgical oncology : Free medical journals

Surgical treatment of male infertility

Suriname - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Sushil G Kachewar - Rural Medical College, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Loni, Maharashtra, India

Swaziland - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Sweden - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Switzerland in winter - Blaise Bourrit

Switzerland - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Sylviane von Gunten - Chirurgie réfractive, chirurgie laser de l’oeil / Refractive surgery, eye laser surgery

Symptoms and treatment of the menopause: urogenital changes

Symptoms of the menopause and their treatment

Syndromic case management of RTIs : Advantages, limitations, optimization


Syria - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Systematic review of some of the side effects of copper T380 intrauterine contraceptive device

Systematic review of studies linking control of sexually transmitted infections to prevention of HIV transmission

Systematic review on the complications of pregnancy in patients with sickle cell trait

Systematic review on the global prevalence of genital TB in infertile women

Systematic review on the incidence/prevalence of stillbirths (slide presentation)

Systematic review on the prevalence and epidemiology of infertility 1999-2004: Proposal (slide presentation)

Systematic reviews

Systematic reviews of evidence

Systematic reviews of observational data

Systematic reviews of observational data : References