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Alphabetical index of GFMER pages - L

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Labor, delivery

Labor, delivery, postpartum

Lao PDR First Session Report (2009-2010) Ministry of Health, Lao PDR, University of Health Sciences and Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research with the financial and technical support of UNFPA Country Office

Laos - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Laparoscopic fluorescence photodetection of peritoneal carcinoma in gynecological patients: Preliminary report

Laparoscopic hysterectomy

Laparoscopic management of endometriosis

Laparoscopic prostatectomy. The intraperitoneal approach in 2005 (Video)

Laparoscopic sentinel-node biopsy in cervical cancer

Laparoscopic sterilization

Laparoscopic surgery in Cameroon: Improving the services at the Garoua Provincial Hospital (slide presentation)

Laparoscopic treatment of distal tubal disease

Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy: A Gimmick or An Advance?

Laparoscopy in developing countries

Large ovarian endometriomas

Latent tuberculosis

Latvia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Lead poisoning effects on pregnant women and children

Leadership and motivation among health care staff

Leadership that gets results

Lebanon - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Legal medicine : Free medical journals

Leonardo da Vinci - Anatomical drawings

Leptin and Human Reproduction (2000)

Leptin and Human Reproduction (2001)

Levels and Trends in Contraceptive Use

Levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system

Liberia - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Libya - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Lilit Hovsepyan - Curriculum Vitae

Lilit Hovsepyan - Erebouni Medical Center, Yerevan, Armenia

Limb salvage in extensive leg gangrene

Linkages between sexual and reproductive health and HIV

Liquid based cytology

List of publications of the Geneva training course participants

List of publications of the Geneva training course participants - 1998-2007

Literature review

Lithuania - Medical Schools - Google Maps

Long-acting contraceptive methods for women - J.E. Schmidt

Long-acting hormonal contraceptive methods for women (HTM file) - C. d'Arcangues

Long segment stents in limb salvage . Video sequences : Stent sequence / Contrast flow / Stents occluded

Longitudinal data analysis: challenges and prospects in public health settings (HTM file)

Low-dose aspirin and Antioxidants in Prevention of Pre-eclampsia: A literature review

LUS: Laparoscopic Ultrasound

Lymphogranuloma venereum