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First Consensus Meeting on Menopause in the East Asian Region

S.S. Ratnam, A. Campana (editors)

Geneva, 26 - 30 May 1997



Opening address
G. Benagiano

Growing rapidly and ageing rapidly, or the tyranny of numbers
E. Diczfalusy

Demography of the menopause and pattern of climacteric symptoms in the East Asian region
Takeshi Aso

Endocrinology of the menopause
Won-whe Kim

Symptoms of the menopause and their treatment
Nikorn Dusitsin

Symptoms and treatment of the menopause: urogenital changes
Florante P. Gonzaga

Sexuality and the menopause
Tay Boon Lin

Contraception in the late premenopause
C.J. Haines and F. Lüdicke

Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of the menopause
Dong Hong guang, F. Lüdicke, Zheng Shu-Rong and A. Campana

The attitudes of postmenopausal women towards hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the effects of HRT on lipid profiles
Jin Yong Lee and Chang Suk Suh

Osteoporosis: background, pathogenesis, measurement of bone density, prevention and treatment
Kobchitt Limpaphayom

Cardiovascular disease and hormone replacement therapy
Hideo Honjo, Mamoru Urabe, Kazunori Tanaka, Tomohiro Kashiwagi, Tomoharu Okubo, Hiroshi Tsuchiya, Koichi Iwasa, Noriko Kikuchi, Masaaki Fukuoka and Takara Yamamoto

Cardiovascular disease and hormone replacement therapy
Ali Baziad and Thierry Pache

Hormone replacement therapy and gynaecological cancers
Nik Mohd Nasri Ismail

Hormone replacement therapy and risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Ge Qin-sheng and Tian Qin-jie

Hormone replacement therapy in special cases
Oei Pau Ling and S.S. Ratnam

Risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy
Duong Thi Cuong

Consensus statement on the role of hormone replacement therapy during the menopause in East Asian women

Country-specific Information

The menopause in Hong-Kong
C.J. Haines

Menopause in Indonesia
Ali Baziad

Country-specific information in the menopause in Japan
Hideo Honjo, Mamoru Urabe, Tomoharu Okubo, Noriko Kikuchi

Country-specific information of the Republic of Korea
Hong-kyoon Lee

Menopause and HRT in Malaysia
Nik Nasri Ismail

Specific situation in the Philippines
Florante P. Gonzaga

Existing medical services in Singapore 1996
S.S. Ratnam

Country-specific information: Menopausal programme in Thailand
Nikorn Dusitsin

Vietnam - Country-specific information
Duong Thi Cuong